Strategic Marketing Agency & CMO 


Discover our strategic approach to measurable success


Discover our strategic approach to measurable success

We help ambitious service companies get more great clients with less frustration.


Through a proven marketing system that uses strategy, innovation, and creativity to ignite growth.

Duct Tape Marketing Certified Agency

Build a Brand That Inspires Trust

& Lasting Connections

Ready to drive growth and step into a market-leading position?

Work with a reliable partner who’ll focus on ROI-driven marketing strategies that

  • generate leads,
  • improve client retention,
  • and streamline marketing operations for scalable growth.

Meet Beacon Creative Lab.

As a Duct Tape Marketing Certified  agency, we partner with ambitious service companies like yours to create and manage your unique marketing strategy and system.

Say goodbye to the chaos of hit-or-miss decisions about online and offline marketing tactics.

Enjoy continually LEVELING-UP in the 7 key areas of a successful small business marketing system:  

1o Stars!  …EXCEEDED my expectations. That small project led to several other projects and the start of what I hope to be a long partnership… honest, kind, always overcommunicates (in the best way possible), delivers high-quality work, and is truly a partner to my business.

Sarah Johnston

Founder, Briefcase Coach

For any small business owner struggling with the constant challenge of standing out in a crowded marketplace I simply can’t recommend them strongly enough!!

Austin Herbert

Founder, Lighthouse Lending

“Wendy worked with me to reframe my business focus and to reinvent my website. I think her unique distinction is that she can help reinvent the business AND design a clean, informative, interactive website. She is an amazing blend of “techie” and “business genius”… professional, personal and creative. You are missing out if you do not contact her!”

Betsy Smith

Author, Speaker, Advocacy Trainer, Betsy Smith Consulting

Your Path to Exceptional Brand Growth Starts Here

Brand Growth Strategy and Coaching
Step by Step Marketing Plans
Websites and Core Content
Email and Relationship Nurturing
Online and Offline Marketing Actions

A Sampling of Our Work

Our clients are amazing! Each one is on a mission to serve their client communities while creating a thriving life for themselves and their staff and/or partners. We’re privileged to serve them.

Navigating Modern Marketing Chaos: Your Strategic Compass

Navigating Modern Marketing Chaos: Your Strategic Compass

Modern marketing chaos -- we know you feel it! Too many channels, too many segments, AI, SAS products, integrations, budget and response tracking. It's a lot. Here's the first step in avoid getting overrun. In today’s fast-paced business world, where markets shift...

VIDEO: Why aren’t people getting my emails?

VIDEO: Why aren’t people getting my emails?

If you're scratching your head, wondering "why aren't people getting my emails?", this is the post for you!  6 fixes you can implement to increase your email deliverability, and get more people opening and reading your valuable emails.