Hello! I’m Wendy, founder of Beacon Creative Lab, and I’m so happy you’re here!  I’ll admit straight up that talking about ME is not really my thing — YOU are much more interesting to me… but this site is not about what matters to me, it’s about what matters to you, so it’s really important you can start to get to know me!

Direct response copywriting roots

I was lucky to grow up straddling the business world: one foot in small business and the other in marketing and advertising. My career got launched even before leaving my alma mater, Mount Holyoke College, by learning to write copy for direct mail packages and direct response ads for clients of my family’s NYC-based advertising agency. My absolute favorite assignment: writing a booklet on chocolate desserts that was a giveaway for people subscribing to Bon Appetit magazine. YUM!

Layering on Project Management, Strategy & Branding

Over the years I stepped into agency client services, as account exec for premier publishing accounts like Better Homes & Gardens and Bantam Books. I even had a year when I was “leased out” to Meredith Publishing (owner of BH&G) to be their Syndicated Marketing Manager by day, and by night continued on as their agency account manager — talk about wearing several hats!  Coffee was then, and still is, my best friend!

Roles at global advertising agencies J. Walter Thompson and later Draft Worldwide, came next, with leadership positions in their New York offices on accounts like Kodak and Avis Rent-A-Car where I learned to run larger teams, leverage the powers of advanced database marketing and early online integration.

One year after 9/11, with a 1-yr old daughter and no end to 15-hr days working downtown in sight, I left the agency world to grow a small business of my own, pivoting to build a practice as a business, life and life purpose coach, as well as a fitness trainer.

New horizons: small business marketing & NC

In 2007 we chose to relocate to the Triangle region of North Carolina to enjoy the family-friendly lifestyle here. The need in that low economic period seemed to call out for a different type of service. I responded by hanging out a shingle as the Virtual Marketing Department for many small businesses, where I merged “big business” know-how with small business’ demands and budgets.

I grew skills and experience in online marketing, sales, training and coaching, and partnered up with a local brand agency, then had a unique opportunity to take a five-year walk on the “client-side” to hold leadership positions at a multi-million dollar family-owned entertainment center. 

Mission: make a difference for those making a difference

In 2019, understanding better than ever the struggle that small marketing teams are up against today, I saw an opportunity to create a Virtual Marketing Department once more, serving the interests of small business leaders. I love helping people who are so excited and dedicated to their business and clients to be more visible — and have more time to enjoy life, too!

When not growing Beacon Creative Lab, I’m dedicated to my husband and daughter, mystery reading and writing, helping other female entrepreneurs, feeding my love of baking — and countering it with running and yoga — and delight in all things design… especially an outlandish love of wedding planning!