Attracting ideal clients is every business owners’ goal; doing it right can make your life and business run more smoothly and happily too. 

Challenge/Fear. Goal/Dream. Gap/Pain.

Have you ever thought about which scenario drew your best clients to you?

Any of them could start attracting ideal clients to you — good clients, willing to pay you good money.

But knowing which motivates your favorite clients may result in YOU having a happier and more successful business and life!

That’s because the customer’s mindset in each of these scenarios is different.

  • The energy brought by a client who views their situation as a challenge and/or feels fear, will be different than that of someone inspired by a big dream or goal, and different again from someone trying to get out of pain by closing a gap.
  • The energy and motivation they need to adopt in order to take action — and more importantly, the energy that they’ll require of you and your team — will be very different.
  • The style of client service required, and for some businesses even the workflow processes they’ll respond best to, are likely to be quite different.
Here’s an example of the impact of entrepreneurial mindset and motivation, from my own path:

When I started my first business, I had a GAP (not enough income). My mindset was one of “get me out of here” and I wanted someone who could jump in with quick problem-solving; I was looking for logic-driven, down-and-dirty action help–no fluff.

A few years later, when I relaunched with a big DREAM I was soaring with ideas and energy; I was looking for a big thinker who could match my energy, while also keeping me tethered to reality.

Further down the line when I hit a rough patch with personnel issues I’d never encountered before, I was filled with FEAR and CHALLENGE and needed someone ready to bring plenty of empathy, as well as guidance, who could help me regain my confidence as well as take action.

See how these different reasons for hiring a service changed what business service providers needed to bring to the table?

It’s the same whether you’re a professional organizer, accountant, electrician, chiropractor, software provider or anyone else serving people.

I can’t tell you which will be the better fit for you, but I can tell you that finding the right match to the culture of your business — your mission, motivation and purpose — will most likely suit some mindsets more than others.

And if you use what you learn to shape the language you use, you can start attracting more of your ideal clients at the optimal stage.

Here’s a way to get started:

  • Think about your most- and least-favorite clients — consider a full range of factors: the revenue they brought in, referrals they’ve provided, their repeat business (or opportunities for that), how easy or difficult they’ve been to serve.
  • What mindset were they in, or what motivation was in their heart and mind, when they came to you? If  you don’t know, ask them.

Once you have a clear picture of your clients’ motivations and mindsets, you’ll be in a position to create messages that demonstrate your readiness, experience and passion to serve them.

And that is very attractive indeed.


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