90-Day Intensive:

Lead your business to a bolder vision

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What are you oh-so-ready ready to achieve?

Are you ready for the NEXT leap in your business? To say goodbye to the treading-water life of the solopreneur and hello to a new phase of fueling a business that serves you, your family, your future?

Most likely you’ve proudly launched your baby into the world, navigated the worst of COVID (we hope) — and achieved liftoff in your business, but… maybe there are too many days when it feels a lot like you’ve bought yourself a “job.”  

It’s time to step into your true leadership role as a business owner, and lift your company up to realize your life and future vision. This 90-day small group intensive will help you:

  • Break out of the marketing, branding, operations and finance routines keeping you strapped; 
  • Break free of the limiting beliefs and blinders that are holding you back;
  • Break through to lead your business in a way that fuels your success.
You’re not alone in the struggles you’re experiencing.

This transition stage is what virtually every service business must pass through — like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly — and you can do it too!

Do these sound familiar? 

  • Spending more time working IN the business — actually delivering the services — than leading your company into the future?
  • Despite having a team, do you struggle to put the pieces together to help your brand own its market?  
  • Do you feel you have to accept ALL the work, rather than being laser focused on the RIGHT work for your goals?
  • Are you relying heavily on hit-or-miss activities in marketing and operations? 
  • Or concerned that new, part-time, and/or freelance team members aren’t operating with the mission in mind?

The Solution: Commit to Take Command of Your Brand

This 90-day small-group intensive is specifically for entrepreneurial women serious about reaching a new level of leadership and market positioning, and putting an end to playing small in 2022. 

Take Command of Your Brand is organized around weekly live Zoom sessions blending coaching, consulting, and training:

Establish your vision


Clarify your business’ destination, and ensure it supports your life.


Fine tune and internalize beliefs that help you embrace your power.


Evaluate and reset with the bold and irresistible presence that wins both hearts & wallets.


Develop your simple, effective and sustainable strategy PLUS 90-day plan.



Create a repeatable process that keeps leads flowing with less stress.


Expand your options for growing your business and personal income, with a better ROI too.

Meet Your Guides


Receive personal support and guidance on the road to making your quantum leap from 2 experts who’ve been helping business owners thrive for decades:

  • Beacon Creative Lab’s own marketing & branding leader, Wendy Harrington.
  • Executive coach, speaker and author Betsy Smith:

Meet Betsy Smith

An executive leadership coach and dynamic speaker with over 30 years’ experience, Betsy enjoys working with leaders at all levels. Her coach approach helps hone the skills that will help you step forward boldly, with courage and confidence, using stronger vision, greater personal power, and more effective communication.

She is certified by the International Coach Federation and Strategic Executive Coaching Association.

Wendy is exceptionally talented at developing brand strategyand messaging. Wendy was able to harness all my energy andideas and create messaging that felt like me and sounded likeme, only better. By working with Wendy, I gained clarity andconfidence in articulating my services and value. Wendy ROCKS!

Tammy Olson

Northwoods Virtual Solutions

Betsy helped facilitate pilot career development classes for an internal program at BlueCross NC. She was very collaborative with the team bringing her own expertise to the conversation while incorporating the goals of the program. She brought positive energy to the sessions and created a learning environment in which participants actively engaged in the conversations. It was a pleasure working with her and I hope to again.

Megan Bell


In addition to your mentors, your fellow intensive members will be invaluable. The owners’ journey can be lonely, but from here on you’ll be able to share yours with people who understand what it’s like, thanks to this small group experience with equally-committed women enjoying unparalleled support, encouragement, accountability, and insights.

Here’s what you’ll receive through Take Command of Your Brand

  • 2 private consulting/coaching calls. 
  • Weekly group Zoom calls — up to 90 minutes long — for training, live discussion and independent work. (Calls will be recorded for 24/7 replay.)
  • Numerous tools and resources — supporting personal mindset shifts, business strategy, finance, operations, marketing and sales;
  • Structured curriculum, with flexible focus week-to-week to adjust to your group’s needs and interests;
  • Up to 12 fellow women business owners, as committed to this journey as you are. It’s a leaders’ dream — and it makes success faster, easier and far more fun;
  • Special guest speakers share insights for your success.

Program Curriculum


  • StrengthsFinder
  • Complete input questionnaire
  • Groundwork: Private session with Betsy & Wendy

Month 1: Fueling Up 

  • Foundation, vision & goal setting
  • Evaluating audience, offerings, competitive & emotions
  • Marketing opimization: the marketing mix, your budget & what’s right for your business
  • Building up steam: fueling what’s working & releasing what’s not (marketing, operations, systems, profits, life) 
  • Bonus: breaking out of financial handcuffs

Month 2: Pushing Off

  • Leadership in action: Embracing your vision & role
  • Sales ownership: getting down to brass tacks
  • Clearing emerging obstacles holding you back: mindset, focus, delegating options, time, money, other resources
  • Growing, training and shaping your team
  • Bonus: digging deeper into vision work

Month 3: Acceleration & Traction

  • Continuous course correction: the art and science of staying on track (monitoring and managing results)
  • Evaluating your business “In action” … plus, cash flow, and outsourcing/team building check in
  • Strategy & plan refinement, PLUS decision-making [chart]… 
  • Recognizing success to date/celebration & what’s next

Program Wrap Up

  • Fine Tuning the Future: Private session with Betsy & Wendy

Make your comprehensive leap, with significant savings for 2021.

At least $4,500 LESS than if you worked with us one-on-one, this very special introductory price is good only for the Q4 2021 program.)

Still wondering if this is for you?

Yes, change can be scary.  I know ’cause I’ve made leaps that made my knees shake, sweat pour, heart race… 

but every time I got stronger and bolder and had more reasons to celebrate. 

And so will you!

Reaching your next level will require you to let go of some things that helped create your current success.

You’ll replace them with a more powerful version of yourself.  So…

what if you: 

  • knew exactly where to focus your attention to grow the type of business you want to have (and maybe one day sell), and enjoy a happier, more energizing life;
  • achieved the success you dream of, on your own terms: earning what you would love to earn, having the authority and recognition you want, enjoying the freedom to design the lifestyle you want;
  • had complete confidence in your brand’s unique and compelling position — and were able to steadily draw your ideal customers to you?

How would you feel about yourself, and your life?

Through this program Betsy and I are dedicated to helping you make that transformation, so you emerge on the other side with clarity, confidence and a tangible implementation roadmap. 

Do it for you, for your family, for the clients who need you.

Fill out the application and begin your breakthrough, today!