Really, stop thinking about how to market your business. Because I’ve seen this set people off on the wrong path.

Knowing you need to market your business, you start thinking of how to push yourself out there… double down on your marketing spending… invest in more advertising… rally your sales team.

It all sounds pretty aggressive, doesn’t it?

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of these activities, staying in that headspace for too long derails many business owners. Some get so focused on themselves and their business that their self-centered point of view makes them lose focus on the audience. Others get overwhelmed, gun shy, stressed out… in a word, stuck.

So instead, I’d like to encourage you to stay centered around what really drives success: connection.

At its heart, marketing IS connection

Marketing is not sales. It’s not advertising. And it’s certainly not about brow beating someone into action.

Marketing is just a more organized means of connecting with people who might like what you offer.

Each of our businesses is built one human connection after another. Showing emotion, caring, joy in what we do—and then opening the door to what will inspire our customers and prospects to feel a connection back.

Emotions that lead to connection… that’s the root of the much-talked about goal of “engagement.”

Emotions like the guy above is showing. Wouldn’t life be amazing if we felt and inspired this type of connection with our prospects and customers all the time? I know that’s where I’d love to keep my head!

If we were having a chit-chat right now, I’d ask if you could tell me how you’d help folks:

    • see/hear what’s helpful or inspiring about the benefits you bring—and hopefully are passionate about, or
    • get to know you and why you care about the people/process/product, or
    • move them closer to their personal and/or professional goals, in areas that reflect what you want people to associate with you.

How would you answer?

After reorienting around connection, how do you get back in action?

You create messages and content that serves them. More questions (I know, I know, but I’m genuinely curious!!)

    • Why do your existing customers turn to you? What role do you play for them?
    • How do you change their situation or influence their life experience?
    • How can you demonstrate the types of value you offer?
    • Are there ways you can help people get to know your company—especially its way of doing business, personality and people—better?
    • How can you invite your customers and prospects to be part of a conversation with you—sharing their questions, ideas, situation, wishes, personality—and then responding to them accordingly?

What can you share that will Attract, Engage, and Delight people who need and want what you’re offering?

Could you share something:

    • educational (e.g., this is what you need to know and why you should care),
    • instructional (e.g., here’s how you could do that thing you’re interested in),
    • inspirational (e.g., transform! Here are some examples of where you could be…),
    • relatable (e.g., sharing “slice of life” stories that make you appealing to your audience),
    • community-enhancing (e.g., affirming your audience is not alone so “come join us”),

How and where can you create the connection?

This is where it can start feeling like you’re on quicksand. There are a VERY lot of options. Yes, there’s a bit of a science to testing and measuring results, but don’t let that stop you from getting started.

The good news is that in most cases there isn’t just ONE single way that’s better than another. Just be consistent (that’s a topic for another post).

I’d love it if you’d share your business’ amazing difference with us all in the comments below; go ahead and add the URL to your website or portfolio. Make us all smile!

Want some help walking through ways you can grow stronger and more energizing connections with your audience?  Book a free consultation—I’d love to hear about you!

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