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Beacon Creative Lab’s branding & marketing services will help catalyze your small business’ success

Get the right strategies, systems and messages in place to create powerful connections with your customers.  Connections that boost your revenue and profitability by stimulating more repeat business and more referrals.

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Clarify what makes you unique. And use it to power up your business, as well as your marketing.  


A brilliant brand both fuels and is fueled by your vision. Our process works from the inside out to help you grow a business that employees love and ideal customers have to have. We’d love to help you share your own brilliance with the world through:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Positioning & Messaging
  • Customer Targeting
  • Logos & Icons
  • Brand Identity & Graphics 
Strategy, planning & implementation to build connection, credibility and action.

Content Marketing

Build trust by drawing people to your business through the know-how, approach, and brand essence you share. We use the power of the real you, vs hard-selling patter, to convert strangers to customers. We’d love to help you leverage this powerful approach through: 

  • Strategy & Content Marketing Plans
  • Blogs & Articles
  • E-books & Handouts
  • Video
  • Social Content
  • Brochures & Collateral 
An online presence that serves you & your customers 24/7/365


Your website is your megaphone, handshake, sales force, customer service rep, and trainer all rolled into one. We’d love to help you guide your prospects and clients to the content they need to build interest, trust and desire to take action, through:

  • Website Planning & Functionality
  • Website Design
  • Copy & Content Development
  • Website Development
Leverage your connections by building loyalty as well as sales.

Email Marketing

Email allows you to retain and nurture a personal connection with each customer or connection — and it’s the only channel that’s controlled exclusively by you and them. We’d love to help you leverage email marketing to achieve your goals through:

  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • List Growth
  • Email Copy & Design
  • Program & Campaign Coordination & Success Monitoring
Trust-based SEO to position you for search engine success (and human connection).

Local SEO

For businesses that thrive on bringing in local customers, being able to appear high in search results is essential to quality lead generation. Our approach builds and maintains Google’s trust in your site to position you for maximum lead generation through a combination of:

  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page links
  • Quality content
  • Google My Business page refinement

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