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Retain more clients through unique, high value email marketing

You know that the best way to retain more clients is keeping regular contact with you and your team. But in a growing business, you don’t have time to reach out to every client personally every month. That’s where targeted email plays an invaluable role!

Here’s how email helps you keep and engage more clients:

Involve and respect recipients: relevant information is delivered to people based on their interests, needs and where they are in their journey with you.

Differentiate your business and strengthen relationships: communicate in your unique style, reflecting the expertise and mission that you and your business bring to in-person care.

Free up time for you and your staff: focus on areas where personal attention matters most, e.g., client care, developing new services and programs, more one-on-one interactions with clients and community members, leading talks, and/or creating videos.

Market more cost-effectively: use your content in multiple ways, generally with little to minimal spending on ads.

Ensure ongoing improvement: we’ll test what works and what doesn’t and adjust in a disciplined manner.

Defend against client attrition: when you’re more relevant, present and visible, all while showing clients you care, you’ll retain more clients!

Wondering what to share in your email marketing program?

We work with you to develop content calendars based on your business, your clients, and your community’s needs. It’s not complicated, not time-consuming. How would you encourage or educate clients if they arrived in the office today? What could help you help them better?

Emails can include:

  • Relevant news, reminders, new services or products, supportive info, tools or developments to ask about.
  • Links to approparite pages on your business website for more in-depth information, or to a social media account if you maintain any.
  • Links to articles or tools on a 3rd party website.
  • Questions and methods for prompting requests for more information or follow up.
  • and more!

We can segment your client list so information relates to their needs and interests. A custom email program allows you to do all this easily.

Who’s writing your emails and content?

Our team is 100% professional U.S.-based copywriters, practiced in research, interviewing and a wide variety of industries and subjects. We start with your input, and you have full editorial review and decision control. Nothing goes out without your approval.

We work closely with you to:

  • Develop the communication calendar
  • Organize your client and contact list into high-level segments
  • Monitor results of variables so your program grows in effectiveness.

The way to retain more clients and get them more engaged is strong connections, so your emails succeed if we write accurately, clearly, and bring a conversational style that matches your business, creating a bond between you, and the needs of your audience.

Interested to see some samples of our writing? Click to visit our Gallery.

Let’s plan to grow your greatest asset: your existing client connections! Schedule your free consultation today.