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Q2 2023 Report: How Small Businesses are Getting Leads (and how to boost yours)

We teamed up with Michelle Doeffinger, owner of Raleigh-based Triangle Social Media, to speak with over 200 attendees at the recent Small Business Expo in New York City, gathering their answer to the question:

“What’s your most effective lead channel?”

This action-packed report provides their answers, as well as important, proven, strategies and tactics to help you leverage these trends for YOUR business.

Download your copy right here. (No email required.)

Want to grow your flow of Ideal Customers?

Get started with these steps to clarifying your difference, and growing through content and loyalty marketing.

1) Why Loyalty Marketing?
WHY focus time and money on developing strategies, systems and programs for client retention?

Get a few quick reasons, and look at the “Net Promoter Score” Action item from Session 1 in the Quick Tips series, Grow Your Flow: Loyalty & Revenue. (No registration required.) Click to download.

2) Foundations: Clarifying your difference

The Foundations handout walks you through key questions to help you start clarifying your difference and brand fundamentals, so you can create consistency AND be more compelling to your clients. (No registration required.) Click to download.

3) Creating Conversations

Expand your ability to offer valuable, relevant content to your clients by creating conversations that go beyond the literal 1-on-1 interactions you have each visit or session. This handout helps you get started with segmentation and personalization, particularly using email. (No registration required.) Click to download.


Grow More Client Love: The Step-by-Step Guide to Designing Your Client Communication Program

Growing loyalty starts with creating an outstanding customer experience. This workbook will help you get started, by walking you through an assessment of your current communication touchpoints, and designing ways to systemize how and when you engage with your clients.

Experienced loyalty marketing coach Wendy Harrington walks you through the 7 key aspects of turning your client communication hopes into a solid plan for consistent practice.

Through a series of guided prompts, you’ll assess and plan to fill your clients’ needs and wants at each stage in their journey — from awareness, to research and consideration, to delight, loyalty and becoming part of your circle of word-of-mouth enthusiasts.

Topics Covered: Define your objectives. Clarify the distinguishing aspects of your business. Identify the important segments in your client list. Lay the groundwork for ongoing dialogue. Define your success metrics & key performance indicators. Define the value you can offer beyond your primary service care. Develop your timeline and content calendar.  

Download the full 16-page workbook  in a handy PDF format, or read it all here, right now.

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What IS the Net Promoter Score?

The Net Promoter Score is is a simple way to get a snapshot of your customers’ view toward your business. Ask your clients one question: How likely are you to refer us to your friends, family, co-workers?

Use a 1-10 scale to gather their responses, by email.

9-10 indicates a healthy relationship

7-8 indicates a gap in service, quality or customer match you’ll want to address

6 and lower demands prompt attention to uncover the sources of their concerns

We can help you gather answers, analyze what you discover, and create and run actionable plans to help you change course (or maintain if all’s well). Just reach out!