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Wendy Harrington of Beacon Creative Lab

What if…

  • Your business was among the first prospects see in local search engine results?
  • Ideal prospects found your brand irresistible?
  • Your blogs and emails hit home and inspired action…
  • Marketing your business felt easy.

What would life feel like? Who else would benefit?

Yes, it’s possible, and it’s my mission to help you, just as I have dozens of other service businesses.

For each one, the breakthrough began by realizing that “more of the same” won’t deliver a new level of result. Together we will release the full impact of your brand through a bold approach to positioning, branding and marketing — so YOU can realize your biggest vision.

Which starting point is right for you?

30-Day Impact Builder


A guided breakthrough for those who prefer to DIY their marketing:

  • In-Depth Brand Assessment
  • Audience Attraction Guidebook
  • Foolproof 1-2-3 Ad Structures
  • Masterful Key Words & Phrases
  • Max Impact Images & Elements
  • 2 Hours of Coaching Intensives

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Stand Out in Local Search


For owners well-positioned to capture more leads.

  • Reduce dependence on lead buying
  • Increase the volume of leads that find you organically;
  • Grow your website’s trust level in the eyes of search engines so they WANT to refer you.

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Targeted Solutions

Know just what you need? We’re here to deliver!  Hand-crafted marketing and branding solutions deliver results and streamline your routine.

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Branding That Engages Your Audience Brilliantly

Branding is a unique mix of reality and aspiration. It’s the positioning, the visuals, and the messaging that represent your firm. It also acts as a light to guide those who should be in your community, right to your virtual (or physical) door.

But all too often, a company’s branding lags behind its vision, under-representing, or even mis-representing, the full power of what they offer.

Brilliant branding — the type that makes your company shine brilliantly — pulls you and your team forward. It’s an outward expression of your inner reality AND what’s valued by your prospects.


9 signs that your branding may need to be fine-tuned

  • More than 6 in 10 customers buy only your least profitable services or products.
  • Your business often loses sales due to price.
  • Your Net Promoter Score is 8 or less.
  • More than 1 in 10 customers are … difficult.
  • More than 1/2 your customers wait for sales or discounts before they buy.
  • Your growth rate feels like molasses.
  • One or more competitors have appeared–and look/sound a lot like you.
  • Your website and ads lead with statements or stories about your business or prices.
  • Your business can and/or will help everyone.

Recent Work

Our clients are amazing! Each one is on a mission to serve their client communities while creating a thriving life for themselves and their staff and/or partners. We’re privileged to serve them.

Value is in the eye of the beholder

Value is in the eye of the beholder

Are you leaving money on the table? Value is in the eye of the beholder. Avoid a common trap for service businesses by looking at ways you may be undervaluing what you deliver.  What would you do if you saw “salt” on the menu at your local restaurant? How about “ice?”...

What is a CRM–and why should I care?

What is a CRM–and why should I care?

When I start looking at clients’ customer management actions, CRM is a big topic—and it’s not just new businesses asking me “what is a CRM?”.   Even many established ones feel perfectly fine using some scary methods to track their customers and leads:  spreadsheets,...