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Even those who LOVE marketing can feel stressed keeping up with it. I know; that was me! In addition to 25+ yrs leading ad agency teams, writing copy and content, I’ve also been head of marketing for several small businesses.

I’ve juggled the contacts, content, media, budgets, databases, community outreach, regulations, staffing concerns and more. 

And I’ve learned that success demands that you stay focused on the parts of your business only YOU can do.

I’m Wendy Harrington, founder, and my mission is to help your business attract—and keep—more ideal clients so your business grows, and you continue to have the energy and time to thrive as it does.

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A few testimonials…

There is not a better person to work with than Wendy Harrington. Highly creative, exceeds all expectations and above all she is trustworthy. Her network of talent is impressive. No matter the size of the company, Wendy will always treat each client and their projects as if it is her highest priority. I strongly recommend Ms. Harrington–you will not be disappointed.

Lori Searls

Marketing Director, formerly of Mustard Tree Instruments

…what I have come to understand is how much I rely on her insight, strategy, concepts, and client relation skills… to build rapport, extract key information, process, strategize, concept, collaborate and present. I have witnessed her successfully apply her craft and polished techniques to help businesses of all sizes build a marketing infrastructure, including brand development, marketing strategy and core messaging. A great team player, a great asset, a great person!

Paul Spinak

Co-Owner, The Marketing Machine

Wendy has a talent for aesthetics and understanding clients which makes her stand out from other Strategy & Marketing Advisors. She pays close attention to what you say during consultation sessions and tries to capture the essence of your requests in final design outcome. She is an analytical strategist who takes great pride in her attention to the details and client’s values.

Pam Ramsi

Health Center Administrator, Blue Ridge OB-GYN

From the Blog…

What is a CRM–and why should I care?

What is a CRM–and why should I care?

When I start looking at clients’ customer management actions, CRM is a big topic—and it’s not just new businesses asking me “what is a CRM?”.  Even many established ones feel perfectly fine using some scary methods to track their customers and leads:  spreadsheets,...

A Virtual Visit with Joe Matz

A Virtual Visit with Joe Matz

I attended Joe Matz' 80-min mastermind on this topic of subscription models and how to grow your next small business revenue stream. Here's a short intro to it; links to his site included below.Is there a hidden revenue stream flowing underneath your small business,...

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