Content creation is part inspiration, part science, part research, That said, I admit it… sometimes I get ideas to help my clients from connections that don’t immediately make sense… today it’s from Taco Tuesday.

Like lots of families, tacos are often on our menu as a fun, easy and tasty dinner. And in the way that whacky connections crop up in my brain, it occurred to me that the humble taco is actually a pretty great entry point to creating a good piece of content!

“What?!” you say.

Check it out: here are 2 spicy tips you can take from your next Taco Tuesday dinner:

Is there TOO MUCH filling in your taco (a.k.a. content)?

When we make tacos at our house—soft or hard shell—we invariably pack in too much filling, especially to the first one. Meat, beans, salsa, lettuce, cheese, jalapenos, sour cream… and before you know it there’s no way to actually eat everything you loaded up into that taco.

Filling spills out all over everywhere!

It’s the same when most of us try to create content: packing too much of too many different messages into one piece of content is going to cause much of your message to spill out and your readers will miss it.

Focused messages are easier for readers to absorb and remember, and are easier for both digital and human searchers to find.

As the content creator, your job is to decide what’s most important.

Scoop away whatever’s not on-message—use the rest for another piece of content!

Tap This Tip: What’s the main takeaway? What main message do you want people to remember from your content?

Pro Bonus Tip: ask those questions twice: first, before you get started, then again before you release your content. If you don’t decide what doesn’t fit, you risk having some of your best filling get lost.

Have you added enough flavor to your taco (er–content creation)?

Imagine if the only thing you put in your taco was meat and lettuce.

It just doesn’t sound as appetizing once you take off the salsa and cheese! And (for me) no cold and creamy sour cream on top? Sigh…

The point is, no matter how much you love the shell and the meat and the lettuce, your taco needs a little spark.

In your content, that spark comes from the context you create.

You can add context by:

> making an analogy (like comparing content to tacos)

> offering an example of your idea at work

> a juicy fact or statistic

> a before-and-after example or case story

> graphics you add.

These elements are your own secret sauce that bring your content to life and make it uniquely yours to share.

Tap This Tip: Once you’re clear on your main takeaway, make it more memorable by flavoring it with the details that help ideas stick. among the most familiar: a story, an analogy, and/or graphics: photos, illustrations, checklist or chart.

Pro Bonus Tip: Keep a note-taking tool handy as you go through your day—I like Zoho Notebook—and jot down your ideas whenever they come up. When it’s time to work on content, scan through your notes; this muddle of ideas can sometimes act like hot pepper for your imagination!

What helps you create compelling content?  Are you wondering how content creation helps you attract new clients? Or are you so done with the whole DIY thing and want someone to help out? Either way, reach out – I’d love to chat!

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