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Marketing Ease.

A Full Schedule.

Growing Income.

Let’s make it happen!

Hi! I’m Beacon’s founder, Wendy Harrington.

Wendy Harrington

Imagine if…

  • Ideal prospects found your brand irresistible?
  • Your offers hit home & inspired action…
  • Marketing your business felt easy.

What would life feel like? Who else would benefit?

Yes, it’s possible, and it’s my mission to help you, just as I have so many other service businesses.

Because “more of the same” won’t deliver a new level of result.

Together let’s dial up the full impact of you and your brand in the world — and realize your biggest vision.


Thank you Holly Springs!

We’re excited and very humbled to share that Wendy Harrington was voted 2023 Holly Springs Business Person of the Year on Alignable.

Out of 7.8 million small business owners on the networking platform, fewer than 4000 were awarded the recognition.

If you’re there, let’s connect!

Alignable Holly Springs Business Person of the Year
branding package

Discover our NEW Brand Magic Package

Beacon Creative Lab has partnered with Wendy Solomon of Wendy Jade photography to create a new, fun, approach to discovering your brand’s unique magic!

Chooe from 3 complete branding packages designed to help service providers that want to break out from the 1-on-1 to  create a bigger impact in their world.

Let’s uncover your brand’s unique magic and convey it with joy!

9 signs that your branding may need to be fine-tuned

  • More than 6 in 10 customers buy only your least profitable services or products.
  • Your business often loses sales due to price.
  • Your Net Promoter Score is 8 or less.
  • More than 1 in 10 customers are … difficult.
  • More than 1/2 your customers wait for sales or discounts before they buy.
  • Your growth rate feels like molasses.
  • One or more competitors have appeared–and look/sound a lot like you.
  • Your website and ads lead with statements or stories about your business or prices.
  • Your business can and/or will help everyone.

Recent Work

Our clients are amazing! Each one is on a mission to serve their client communities while creating a thriving life for themselves and their staff and/or partners. We’re privileged to serve them.

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