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A sampling of our work…

When you’re thinking about working with a new marketing partner, it’s critical to know something about what their experience actually looks like when it goes out to customers!  Below is a small sampling of work in a variety of media, just to give you an idea of what we’re capable of. Creative services include copywriting and content writing for websites, corporate brochures, email marketing, online marketing, print advertising; don’t forget to ask about help with ghostwriting your next lead generation info product, too. 


Beacon Creative Lab has been proud to provide strategic consulting, branding, creative and implementation to help the outstanding team at this high-end dog care provider since 2020.

  • Monthly blogs and informational emails give pet owners tips and ideas for enjoying life with their furry friends, while reminding them about the range of College for Pets services.
  • After the business moved to a beautiful and expansive wooded campus, it was time to upgrade their online home. We partnered with Angie Scala of Scala Design to create a modern, friendly site focused on giving people the same high-value experience online that they have in person.
  • We enjoy being able to help with advertising and developing longer-form content development also. The 2-sided Guide to Puppy Essentials is just one of several pieces created to help connect prospects with the NH dog training & lodging company.


After helping both partners (Nora Yolles-Young and Jen Catlin) who offer this transformative training with their individual branding and marketing, we were asked to get involved in helping them initiate a fresh launch of the training in 2023.

  • The goals were to create a funnel to help bring in new students, simplify ongoing communication, and lay a foundation for future launches.
  • We created a logo and visual elements, updated the basic website with more benefit-oriented copy and built ConvertKit lead nurturing and student welcoming email flows.
  • To help attract attention and build a connection with prospective students, we helped create and edit a free webinar and two promotional videos as part of this launch.
  • The final important piece was providing the client with a complete content publication calendar across social media.

“I love working with Wendy. She is a visionary and has a way of really ‘seeing’ her clients. She has a finely honed, special touch, that clarifies and draws forth the essence of their unique brand. ”  — Nora Yolles-Young


Beacon Creative Lab has been proud to provide copywriting, website support and consulting to the fabulous First Impression Home Staging team since 2020.

  • Regular content additions and updates to website for First Impression Home Staging, Cary NC. The client wanted the website to connect with customers, sharing benefits and streamlining prospect calls by outling their process ahead of time.
  • B2B email marketing program designed to inform, engage and build relationships with realtors and referral partners.  Open rates regularly range from 45-55%.
  • Research and write monthly blog articles of interest to both Homeowners and Realtors.

Visit them at First Impression Home Staging.

“Wendy has been helping us with our blog, email marketing, bios for our website and more! She has truly alleviated so much of the stress of running the business. After all, we are home stagers, not copywriters – leave that to the experts!” — Sherrie Medeiros

Beacon Creative Lab provides consulting, marketing strategy, copy and creative development to help various audiences understand and get in action on Claudia’s services and programs.

  • A streamlined, easy-to-maintain website built on the squarespace platform.
  • Email marketing copy and implmentation.
  • Brochures and handouts.


Beacon Creative Lab provided consulting, strategy, messaging and creative related to re-launch.

  • Betsy Smith’s goal was to refresh her messaging platform, bringing together leadership and patient advocacy under one umbrella. We created the tagline: Be Ready. Be Bold. Be Heard.
  • We also updated the brand’s visual elements, and assisted with momentum coaching to support Betsy as she launched her newest quick impact program, and developed reconnect and welcome emails.
  • A complete revision for Betsy’s website was the final piece of her rebranding.  We partnered with Terri Voltz of Current Marketing Services to create an online presence that was easy-to-navigate, fresh and bold, in keeping with Betsy’s approach.  Encouraging visitors to schedule a consultation was the second priority, which we implemented through prominent call-to-action buttons and easy to find contact forms.

Visit her at Betsy Smith.

“My husband died in 2018 and during his 4-year illness, I let my business, E. L. Smith Consulting, go dormant. When I was ready to start again, I contacted Wendy who I’ve known since 2009. Wendy worked with me to reframe my business focus and to reinvent my website. I think Wendy’s unique distinction is that she can help reinvent the business AND design a clean, informative, interactive website.  She is an amazing blend of “techie” and “business genius”. Wendy is both professional, personal, and creative. You are missing out if you do not contact her!”

— Betsy Smith


Beacon Creative Lab provided brand positioning strategy and coaching, as well as copy for Northwoods Virtual Solutions’ website update.

  • Northwoods Virtual Solutions was a relatively new business when we began, with owner Tammy Olson developing a fresh model for business support services that extend beyond the more traditional virtual assistant scope to include process, systems and workflow consulting and maintenance support, among other high-value services.

Visit them at Northwoods Virtual Solutions.

“Wendy is exceptionally talented at developing brand strategy and messaging. Wendy was able to harness all my energy and ideas and create messaging that felt like me and sounded like me, only better. By working with Wendy, I gained clarity and confidence in articulating my services and value. Wendy ROCKS!” — Tammy Olson

Articles & Posts

We create regular blogs, e-books and web content for service businesses, including First Impression Home Staging, Turnbull Realty, SOS by Lisa, White Mountain College for Pets, The Happy Lawyer NC, TersoMR marble restoration.


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Mustard Tree Instruments: product brochures

Copywriting and strategy consulting: Wendy Harrington; Strategy, design & production: The Marketing Machine:

  • Left 2 photos: corporate brochure for general promotional use for pharmaceutical software to expedite production accuracy.
  • Right 2 photos: corporate brochure for general promotional use for pharmaceutical device that verifies medicinal content.


AVrX: corporate brochure

Copywriting: Wendy Harrington; Design & production: The Marketing Machine:

  • Corporate information brochure for multi-purpose promotional use: 1st spread communicates the company “gets” the prospect’s key concerns; 2nd spread shares a case history and benefits of features/points of differentiation; 3rd spread answers prospect questions of “for who?” and “you do what?”


AKC Canine Health Foundation: Canine Athlete Fund Mailer

Copywriting: Wendy Harrington; Design & production: The Marketing Machine:


  • Direct mail piece to raise funds for the Canine Athlete Fund.

I have worked with Wendy via Blue Ridge OB/GYN Associates for about 2 years. Wendy has a talent for aesthetics and understanding clients which makes her stand out from other Strategy & Marketing Advisors. She pays close attention to what you say during consultation sessions and tries to capture the essence of your requests in final design outcome. She is an analytical strategist who takes great pride in her attention to the details and client’s values.

Pam Scherer Ramsi

Practice Administrator, Blue Ridge OB/GYN

Wendy has the ability to handle multiple projects, all with great care… includ[ing] the ability to build rapport, extract key information, process, strategize, concept, collaborate and present. She is thoughtful and positive in every effort, and maintains a client’s perspective at all times. I have witnessed her successfully apply her craft and polished techniques to help businesses of all sizes build a marketing infrastructure, including brand development, marketing strategy and core messaging. A great team player, a great asset, a great person!

Paul Spinak

Founder/President, The Marketing Machine

Wendy is one of the smartest and versatile people I have worked with. She always looks at the big picture of a project and brings thought-provoking ideas and a fresh perspective to anything she touches. She is an amazing copywriter and takes the time to really learn about the company or industry she is writing for to make sure she hits the nail on the head as far as the voice of the company and the mission they are trying to accomplish with whatever marketing piece it may be.

Angie Scala

Graphic Designer, ScalaDesign