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Branding for Service Professionals ready to transform their world.


Are you ready to make a bigger impact? To connect in a more powerful way with your ideal audience? And attract an exciting new level of business and opportunity? 

It starts when you step out of the shadows, and put your brand’s unique magic to work for you. If your business or practice isn’t having the impact or creating the level of results you desire, it’s likely time to align the 4 key foundations

  1. your one-of-a-kind brand presence, 
  2. your ideal clients’ cravings, 
  3. your authority, 
  4. and your shareability.

Our complete branding packages will help you clarify and convey all four with power, authenticity, and effectiveness.

Meet Wendy Harrington & Wendy Solomon,

your Brand Magic guides

Wendy Harrington, of Beacon Creative Lab, and talented brand photographer Wendy Solomon of Wendy Jade photography, (shown here), have joined together to create a personal, fun, one-stop package for service professionals who want to bring out their true presence and share it with the world in the most powerful, yet natural, way yet.

We’ve blended our know-how to help you create Brand Magic.

Our “done with you” program ensures you have the essentials you need most to step into your naturally confident position as a distinctive service provider in just 30 days.

We’ve helped guide and support hundreds of businesses, from solopreneurs to national companies, discover and grow their brands – and that’s why we’re so confident we can help you create yours, too. 

Need a new or refreshed logo, social profile and/or website update, help creating a signature offer or full-blown marketing plans?  

Scroll down for best-value 60- or 90-day packages, too.

Brand Magic

The 30-Day Branding Package 

Through a combination of several in-depth brand-exploration sessions and guided, collaborative development to uncover your inner vision and goals, we’ll help you discover what’s missing from your current brand presence and/or blocking you from having the impact your most desire.

We’ll help you tap into your inner vision and dreams for yourself, your business, and your clients and prospective audience, and define the audience you MOST want to work with and attract… and why.

And finally, we’ll help you create a crystal clear messaging and visual summary that conveys your innate, heart-and-mind inspiring, brand — along with with a generous library of brand photos to help share your spirit with the world.

Within 30 days you’ll have:


  • Clear and compelling brand vision, mission and distinct positioning 
  • Brand messaging statements (even your sparkling 30-sec elevator pitch)
  • Visual guide (with mood board, colors, fonts, and design elements), to simplify creating a powerful and consistent presence for your brand
  • 1½ hr photo session in up to 2 locations, with 30-min pre-shoot styling consultation, for a gallery of images to enhance your ability to create connection with your audience
“I love working with Wendy. She is a visionary and has a way of really ‘seeing’ her clients. She has a finely honed, special touch, that clarifies and draws forth the essence of their unique brand.”
Nora Yolles-Young

Young Hypnotherapy

“Wendy is an absolute GEM!! For any small business owner struggling with the constant challenge of standing out in a crowded marketplace I simply can’t recommend her strongly enough!!”
Austin Herbert

Lighthouse Lending

If you’re ready to go full-speed with your brand 

ask about our Enhancement packages for a comprehensive 60-90 day transformation:

Level 2: 60 days to Brand Brilliance: 
  • All of the above PLUS…
  • New or refreshed Logo OR Social media profile makeover (up to 3 platforms) plus 7 social post templates.
  • 4-hour photo shoot including 1 Premium (or 3 standard) locations; 
  • Complete pre-shoot hair & makeup styling;
  • Ideal client clarity tool to simplify future marketing and strategy development.
Level 3: 90 days to Marketing Magic:
  • All of the above PLUS…
  • In-depth strategic plan for your re-launch, including creating a signature service/product offer, and 90-day marketing calendar;
  • New home page and signature service page, as well as updated colors and fonts, for your existing website OR a fully developed landing page to create traction for your signature service, connected to your current lead collection method (or putting one in place if you have none).

Space for these projects is limited, so we can ensure each client receives the attention needed to make their magic happen!

How do you know if this is the right fit?

Brand Magic is for you if…

  • The main emotional driver for your work is to improve the lives of those you serve.
  • You want your brand to be more visible, connect with the right people, and support the life you most desire to live – while still being very true to YOU.
  • You’re ready to invest time, passion, and resources toward making bold moves for your brand and business.
  • You’re building on past learning (a business, practice, podcast, or previous venture).
  • You’re ready to let go of beliefs and blocks that have kept you playing small, and replace them with mission- and value-driven actions.
  • You want strategies and actions that will deliver a return on your investment that includes more ease, confidence, and peace of mind, as well as financial growth.
  • You’re looking for a collaborative process, rather than a “fix me” set of directives.

If you said yes to these, book your free consultation call and let’s talk. That’s the easiest way to find out if we’ll be a good match to help create your brand’s true brilliance breakthrough!