Holly Springs Branding Services


Reveal your Unique Difference.

Connect with those you’re meant to serve.

Holly Springs Branding Services


Reveal your Unique Difference.

Connect with those you’re meant to serve.

We’re not just a Holly Springs Branding agency; Beacon Creative Lab is on a mission to bring out the brilliance of our clients’ vision. We’d love to hear about yours!

Are you a service provider on a mission to make a difference?

We’ve created a new program, Brand Magic, just for you!

In 30-90 days we’ll deliver precisely the elements you need for a complete branding launch or re-launch, including

  • how to position yourself distinctively (regardless of the competition),
  • how to speak clearly and compelling about your work and its promise,
  • graphics to support your unique brand,
  • PLUS custom brand photography with Wendy Solomon of Wendy Jade Photography.

Your Brand Speaks Volumes… What is it Saying?

Your brand is not your logo, colors or tagline — though these are all important components that help people understand what your brand IS.

Your brand is what you stand for, your competitive difference, your mission and vision, your values and style.  And developing clarity about what is and isn’t on-brand makes everything else in your business (including your marketing) easier. That’s no exaggeration!


Working with clients on their brand presence and positioning is a little like peeling back layers to reveal the pearl inside. To this we bring a unique blend of deep listening, coaching skills, and branding experience to each client.

When it comes to creating the logo, taglines, visuals, and messaging for your brand, our aim is to ensure your business is brilliantly sharing your true brand identity.

A Sampling of Brand Elements: Logos

Below are three examples of client logos that evolved from our process of diving deep into each client’s mission, style, services, and audience.

While the logo is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, you’ll begin to see how unique each can be!

A coach who helps de-clutter your life to help you gain clarity and joy.


Reawaken Your Brilliance

A coach who helps executive and entrepreneurial women step into their power and confidence.


Sample brand board for Betsy Smith

A hypnosis duo training practitioners to engage and release clients’ spiritual depth.


Soul Connection logo

Our Branding Process

  • Exploration: We start with an audit of your current brand: what’s serving and/or hindering your ability to achieve your vision? In-depth questions and discussion follow, revealing the essence of your brand, vision, values and philosophy (and where you may be holding back).
  • Competitive Snapshot: We take a look at the competition, to see what your audience will find on their journeys that might reveal critical needs, wants, strengths or weaknesses. 
  • Audience Refinement: Since there’s often a need to tweak or completely shift target audiences as businesses grow, we take time assist in clarifying or confirming yours. 
  • Customer Motivations: A brilliant brand grows in concert with customer needs and motivations; we build a comprehensive picture of yours that helps to crystallize your brand — and guide your marketing, sales, services and more.