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Holly Springs Branding Company

A Holly Springs Branding agency, Beacon Creative Lab brings out the brilliance in our clients’ brands. We invite you to have a conversation about how we can help yours!

STOP! Are you a service provider?

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In many ways your branding represents the body and soul of your business. It can also be the springboard to reaching your potential. 

Much more than simply an attractive, professional logo and graphic elements that “fit” your industry, your branding encompasses all the tangible and intangible aspects of your business:

  • your way of doing business, 
  • the factors that fuel your vision,
  • the emotions you bring and evoke while delivering your services, 
  • And of course your purpose and values. 

Branding can only serve as a springboard if the sum total resonates with, and even inspires, the customers you want to serve. Helping your branding be true to you and irresistible to prospects is our passion!

Our Branding Process

  • Exploration: At Beacon Creative Lab, our branding services start with an evaluation of how your current brand is serving and/or hindering your ability to achieve your vision. We’ll also take you through a comprehensive set of questions and exercises to reveal the essence of your brand, vision, values and philosophy (as well as where you may be holding back).
  • Competitive Snapshot: We conduct a competitive snapshot to uncover what your audience will find on their journeys that can reveal critical points of departure. 
  • Audience Refinement: Since often, as businesses grow, there’s a need to tweak or completely shift target audiences, we assist in clarifying yours. 
  • Customer Motivations: A brilliant brand grows in concert with customer needs and motivations; through our affiliation with the Admanity Protocol, we build a comprehensive picture of yours that helps to crystallize your brand–and will serve marketing, sales and R&D, as well.
Branding is more than logos

Branding Output & Results

Naturally you’ll see the tangible outputs you’d expect: 

  • New or refreshed logo
  • Graphic elements 
  • Identity suite: business cards, letterhead, envelopes and other branded materials. 

But your business’ branding doesn’t stop there, and neither do we. Your comprehensive brand strategy and positioning toolkit will include materials to 

  • simplify communication as you launch your new marketing and sales campaigns, 
  • help you train and coach employees, and/or attract new staff who are best suited to helping your business thrive. 

We can even help you present and train team members in how to apply the brand to daily business.

Powerful, clear branding is like fueling your business with an extra engine that exponentially multiplies acceleration. It helps prime your audience to want what you have to offer, and weaves through your operation in ways that help you and your team stay focused on your business’ most compelling vision.