Blast Your Blocks Challenge

Are you ready to transform your writing?

Buckle up for Blast Your Blocks!

Would you love to Blast Your Blocks to writing and sharing blogs, articles and/or emails consistently? Want it to be easier to figure out what to say and how to say it? Maybe finally end the struggle to get a content creation habit going for your own business?

You’re not alone. And I’ve got good news!

As a coach, and a writer, I know that having a system, support and accountability are key to making progress.

That’s why the FREE 21-Day Blast Your Blocks course was born!

It’s a course designed to take you from no- or low- content creation routines, to building a happy, productive flow of content—AND to give you regular support to maintain it over time.

All in less time than you may have thought possible. No, really—I’m going to show you how to make progress (REAL progress) in less than an hour a day.

And once you’ve learned the system, it’ll almost certainly take you LESS time to maintain your consistent content calendar — and we all know consistency is KING for remaining visible and relevant in today’s environment.

Each day will guide you step-by-step through the essential “how-to’s” that will make your writing sparkle, your readers interested and your writing better than ever. We’ll cover:

  • How to get and keep a steady flow of content ideas
  • Use reading to nurture your style
  • Hear and hone your own writing “Voice”
  • Decide what to say
  • Draw your readers in
  • Build variety with less effort
  • Learn to edit your own work

And you won’t be alone!  

You’ll be part of our private Facebook group, where you can ask questions, share work samples and get feedback and support.

Just sign up!

Power up your habits, ideas & writing too!

You’ll be able to do all this because of the Writer’s Secret Weapons I’ll share with you from the very first day that you take up the challenge.

  • Develop a productive content creation and writing habit (painlessly)
  • Come up with ideas and topics — you’ll have 20-30 by the time the challenge is up
  • Learn to make your writing focused — and your words sparkle

And because I’ve (very sneakily) incorporated some of the most advanced thinking on habit formation into each day’s activities, culled from James Clear’s Atomic Habits and other habit-formation research.

Start your writing course today. In no time you’ll start creating content that will help you connect with your clients and prospects, and energize your business for the rest of 2020 (and beyond!).

Wondering what to expect?

The 21-Day Blast Your Blocks Course

Each evening I’ll send you a brief email setting you up for the following day’s activity. Some days you’ll get a time-friendly video, some days you’ll receive a handout to guide you, or a worksheet to capture your thinking.

You’ll also be invited to join our Blast Your Blocks group page on Facebook, where you’ll receive daily encouragement, feedback—and accountability.

It’s a safe spot to receive helpful feedback and to share wins and struggles.


By the end of 21 days, you’ll have

  • Increased confidence in your ability to write the content you need
  • An easily repeatable system for consistently producing more of it
  • 2 pieces of solid content (your choice: blog, email, article, free tips page), that support your specific goals
  • A list of topics to cover you for the next 30 items you need to produce
  • A larger, supportive professional network of like-minded content creators

And it’s completely FREE. Still have questions? Give me a call at 919-753-5111. Otherwise don’t delay, sign up by clicking the big blue button of success, right now!