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Attract new clients to your business with informative, action-oriented content

Attracting new clients is easier when you’re consistently crossing their minds. But you’re busy with the clients you have; how can you find time to be out in front of them more often—except by paying an arm and a leg for advertising?

Content & inbound marketing will attract new clients:

Content marketing—using information distributed online (primarily) to educate, inform and interest prospects; its one of the most cost-effective solutions available for B2B companies, as well as homeowner services, pet-related businesses and more, today.

Inbound marketing expands on content marketing by continuing to engage the prospects using email, sharing useful content, customized to their interests.

Content and/or inbound marketing, done well, helps you stay top of mind with your prospective and exiting clients. (Wondering how this all fits within an overall communications program to keep clients engaged? Check out our complete Guide to Creating a Communications Program.)

It continues to work 24/7, month after month (talk about great ROI!!). And we can help you do so without the heavy time-burden of creating and delivering it all yourself.

Our seasoned team handles the planning, research, development and distribution for you (with your input, of course!)–with content including:

> Articles and videos carrying your thoughts and insights on relevant health news, reminders, tools and/or developments.

> Opinions or “things to consider” regarding new techniques, services or products in your discipline.

> Adapting studies relevant to your patient base, tailored for client-friendly language.

Why is content marketing so effective for reaching prospects?

Apart from generating awareness, relevant content written for your business is effective because it informs AND sets you apart.

Everyone would rather have a feel for their prospective resource or team before they make a buying decision!  We work with our clients to understand their mission, their style and “voice,” their expertise, and communicate it well so you can:

Be magnetic: help the customers who need you—and who would love and trust you—more easily find you among the many providers in your area.

Improve your ROI: get more from your marketing investment; leverage technology to attract clients, gradually reducing paid outlets.

Be found: help your website stay vibrant and fresh to search engines through regular updates.

Avoid the deals-and-discounts trap:  be distinctive, attractive and avoid positioning yourself as a commodity in your local market.

How does inbound marketing attract and turn prospective clients into actual clients?

It’s generally not hard for people to find answers to their questions online today. (Accuracy may be a different issue!)

The role of an inbound marketing program is to make relevant, unique, content consistently available to people who would be a good match for the services you offer, educating them and reducing the stress involved with choosing and visiting a new provider or coach.

In this way you’re employing a proven approach to growth: Attract-Engage-Delight.  Here’s how it works:

When you share content—e.g., articles, education, reminders, news, insights, videos, even ads—that address the types of questions and concerns your clients have, you ATTRACT their attention. They become aware of you and your expertise.

The personality, style, mission and expertise that comes through in what you share helps them feel like they know you, even before they walk into your door—they start to feel ENGAGED (click for more eays to build this into your business). You’re more likely to connect with clients who want the services you offer, the way you offer it.

As this becomes a conversation—they reach out to you in shared comments, emails, web clicks or phone calls—and you continue to respond, you get the opportunity to DELIGHT. Delighted clients are significantly more likely to return, and refer.

Wondering who’s writing the content & emails?

Our team includes a bevy of professional copywriters, right here in the U.S., who are practiced in research, interviewing, and adopting the “voice” of different brands. We start with your input, and you have full editorial review and decision control. Nothing goes out without your approval. We work closely with you to:

> Develop content topics and formats or, for inbound marketing, a full communication calendar.

> Research, write and edit articles, blog posts, newsletters, white papers, presentations, video scripts, and even infographics for your review.

> For inbound marketing programs, our team will guide you through organizing your client and contact list into high-level segments, and…

> Help you monitor results of variables so your program grows in effectiveness.

The goal for client retention and engagement is connection, so your emails succeed if we write accurately, clearly, and bring a conversational style that matches your business, creating a bond between you, and the needs of your audience. View the gallery for samples of past work.



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