Small businesses have similar marketing challenges to large corporations, but rarely have access to the same resources to solve them. I’ve experienced it myself, and decided to do something about it. So in 2020—just before the COVID-19 lock-downs began, I formed an agency dedicated to helping small businesses transform from struggling to be seen, to being beacons for their ideal customers.

Often 5-50-person firms are really good at what they do, but still feel like they’re not standing out as they should. And too often sales are coming down to price.

People view them as just one of many good options.

At Beacon Creative Lab, we help them uncover their unique spark, and transform them into market standouts, consistently attracting and engaging their ideal customers… like a beacon!

This transformation doesn’t only help them attract customers, it eases their stresses and workload.

We understand the tug of war: when you’re flipping between marketing, sales and management hats, it’s exciting! The downside is that you also face a flood of information and options, decisions and demands — often without the people or budgets to address them at the level you wish for. 

This can feel like a tidal wave, wiping out both you and your resources as you try to juggle, gather and assess what will help you create connections and action in your ideal customers.

Beacon Creative Lab is dedicated to offering a distilled stream of insights, tools and services that let busy execs like you grow revenue and stronger customer connections, while focusing on the aspects of your work that you enjoy and are best at. We’ll help you:  

  • make decisions like a champ by staying current with insight reports that roll up the most critical news for your business;
  • make day-to-day work easier with planning that’s accessible: tools, processes, masterminds and consulting;
  • make next month less stressful by assuring ROI as you take the most critical steps today to assure ongoing improvement;
  • make more action happen as you execute with the help of cost-effective tactics, or by tapping our creative and strategy services: marketing planning, media and post calendars, content and creative for online and offline media, signage, brand integration and more;
  • make business flow grow by sharing internally with your sales and operations teams.

We’re here to support you, and expect to evolve to meet your needs!


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“Beacon Creative Lab is a new firm, with deep experience. We’re dedicating all of it to making a difference for you, to help you drive action in the industry you love, with the energy left over to live your whole life more fully.”

— Wendy Harrington, founder