Meet Wendy Harrington

Hi! I’m Wendy Harrington, owner and founder of Beacon Creative Lab, LLC. Since 1986, when I joined my father’s direct marketing agency in NYC, marketing has been my primary means of helping companies (and the people who run them) achieve their goals.

My mission goes way back

Way back then, as a 20-something searching for my purpose, I realized that I am here to help people make a difference, and to make their way in the world more easily and joyfully.

I knew this was my priority even while my career progressed and I was burning the midnight oil in mega ad agencies like J.Walter Thompson and Draft Worldwide. So after the birth of my daughter, and 9/11, I sought new options for helping people.

Coaching, marketing and the journey to my purpose

I left the crazy Mad.-Ave world, and got trained and certified as a coach, helping people in both business and life goals; I added a fitness trainer certification, and eventually we moved to NC in 2007.

That’s where and when I discovered that small mission-driven businesses were for me!

Owners combine passions with purpose

Service providers, and small business owners, bring so much heart and soul to their work, and their clients.

I and my partners and team mates understand the tug of war you face: wearing all the marketing, sales and management hats, can be both exciting and exhausting! But as your success grows that tidal wave of work, decisions, and details, will hold your business back. 

My mission, and passion, is to help ambitious companies grow into their vision, and experience the joy and satisfaction of living their purpose-filled life.

I hope to hear about yours, and help you if we can!

Let's connect!

The best way to see if we can help your business is to chat about what you’re looking to accomplish. Call us at 919.753.5111, or click now to schedule a conversation¬†at your convenience!

Certified Fractional CMO