Is this week’s action list spinning out of control? You know you need to dig in and get your marketing out there, but there are a million ideas in your head for what you “should” be doing and you’re not getting any traction. I get it—I’m right there with you sometimes!

But before you send out another email or post with an awesome deal aiming to entice prospects in—which will risk attracting the wrong customers and lowering your perceived value—take 5 minutes for this exercise.

The next 5 minutes will help you RIGHT NOW. It works every time. It works because it re-focuses you on the most attractive thing you offer: the place where “why customers love you” intersects with the “what and how you serve them.”

Grab something to write with, and find a spot where you can be quiet and alone (yeah, a bathroom stall will do in a pinch but if that’s your only option I recommend you revamp your environment ASAP!).  Now close your eyes and run through these 5 steps, in about a minute each:

  1. Think of a favorite customer: a bit about their situation, something you sold them that they liked; try to bring all your senses into your mind so they’re as vivid as possible.
  2. If you could talk to them right now, what would you say, ask or offer to make them happy?
  3. What makes the product, service or offer you have in mind be wonderful, and a good fit for them?
  4. Now write down your answers just like you would say it to them in person, keeping it very casual and brief—no marketing speak!
  5. What images may support the way they’ll feel before and after they take your recommendation? Jot down a few ideas.

Marketing is about sharing your expertise and products or services with your customers in a way that creates a connection, and inspires them to take action towards you.  This exercise creates one clear and focused example. Rinse and repeat—you’ll create a bank of influential stories.

How you fit them into your ongoing efforts can take shape in many ways:

  • Create a social media post based on this to launch today.
  • Turn it into an email to send to your subscribers next week.
  • Then use it to fuel a PPC campaign for the rest of the month.

Marketing is all about momentum. Consistency. Uniqueness. You can do this!

Clarity about what makes your business unique is the tap to your flow of ideal customers (and yes, if you want help developing yours I can coach you through that, and help you craft messages that will connect), but use this quick marketing re-set to stop the spinning for a day, get centered and back into focused action in the short term.  It just takes 5 minutes!

Please share your 5 minute story with the world—you never know who you might meet!